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Research activities are conducted in priority science and technology development fields of the Russian Federation in terms of higher quality of higher education and further training of workforce for agriculture.  It is based on education, science and production integration that follows the University's comprehensive development program. 

Main areas of scientific research and innovation activities:

- developing better planning and management mechanisms to do fundamental multidisciplinary and applied scientific research within the framework of major development areas in agriculture;
- conducting scientific research and developing practical development for further сommercialization of the region's real economy;
- attracting budgetary and extra-budgetary funding for research by professors and young scholars participating in scientific, technical, innovative programs and grant competitions to promote further development of the university as an intergrated science and innovation unity;
- developing the scientific capacity of students, young professionals and attracting the most capable and talented ones to scientific and innovative activities;
-improving prospective and effective forms of communication with ministries, departments and other organizations to solve jointly scientific and technical objectives and implementing development into production and learning process;
- deeper link between science and the educational process and increased qualification of professors and teachers by using advanced scientific and educational developments;
- increasing scientific cooperation with foreign higher education and scientific institutions as well as producing companies;
- development of scientific and innovation infrastructure of the University.
The university provides scientific support to realize development programs of the Republic of Bashkortostan. So, for the last five years the University has been engaged in different external quality assurance work:
- an audit of enterprises participating in the regional target program "Development of dairy cattle and increased milk production. Comprehensive modernization of 500 commercial milk farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan for 2012-2016"; 
- a science project "A system of machinery and equipment to implement innovative technologies in plant and animal livestock production in the Republic of Bashkortostan";   
- scientific support to the north-eastern and Transural farms of the Republic; "Living Village" project as a part of small farm enterprises development;
- energy audit of farms in the Republic of Bashkortostan; 
- scientific support for designing irrigation systems under the federal target program "Reclamation of farmlands in Russia in 2014-2020".

Research, development and technological work are carried out on 72 topics having been registered in the Unified state information system for Research, Development and Technology Register.  In 2011-2015 research was conducted on 787 topics with a total funding of 294 million rubles.

The results of scientific researches are being introduced into farm enterprises. Farms of the Bashkortostan realize recommendations costs management for small farm enterprises; higher efficiency of a roll shelter machine with a direct electric drive; legal protection of Russian farm producers within the WTO; breeding of new varieties of soft spring wheat and fodder crops adapted to the conditions of the Southern Urals; using resource-saving technology lines for grain cleaning and seed preparation; processing of agricultural waste to produce organic fertilizer and biological gas; increasing energy efficiency of greenhouse farms using automated LED lighting systems; farm animal diseases diagnosis, treatment and prevention; farm machines setting up and adjusting; forage production in conditions of drought and rational use during the winter stabling period;  beef production based on different meat cattle keeping technologies;  upgrading working bodies of potato harvesters; methods for monitoring basic parameters of microclimate in livestock and poultry facilities; basics of current milk production.

New crop varieties are produced and undergo state variety trial. Among them, there is a new soft wheat "Biora-2", potato varieties "Byrsky", "Alekseevsky", "Churaevsky" having passed a disease resistance expertise, hard wheat selection. Amaranth "Svetlana" and topinsunflower "BashGAU" are registered in the State Register for Protected Selection Achievements and approved for being used. New soft wheat varieties "Salavat Yulaev" and "Vatan" are being successfully introduced into production (about 10 thousand hectares in Bashkortostan).

Our scientists developed and successfully tested: a mechanism to balance rural labor force, a technology for mass potato production, a technology for commercial grain production, new ways to process mare milk, a sugar beet cultivation technology, a spring rapeseed cultivation technology.

The university has 15 scientific schools and 7 research areas led by scientists widely known in the science community.